We're Looking for Super Talented Nail Professionals

Are you Interested in Becoming A TUTOR or MENTOR?

Nothing can be more rewarding than to share your knowledge with others!
You may not necessarily be interested in teaching a FULL TRAINING COURSE, but you still feel you would love to Teach or Mentor others in the nail industry

The Answer then is SIMPLE – BECOME A

Being Your Own Boss, Assisting Others and Setting Your Own Working Schedule?

If you have a MASTERS Level of skill  as a Nail Professional

There are so many possible ways how you can assist our TAOND students.:

– Help in passing Licensing Exams & Licensing Prep

– Help Perfect Specific Practical Skills

– Help Students Master the ‘Latest & Greatest’ Application Techniques

Providing Specialized, or Individual Nail Art Instruction

- Provide Motivation
for students to complete their TAOND programs

                          The List Is Endless!


How Our Independent Tutoring Works

Our Independent TAOND Tutoring positions are ideal for the individual Nail Professional who has the experience, skill set and desire to work independently cultivating a student base. 

It is an Independent Contract position so you can set your own schedule and decide what areas of the nail Industry you would like to Tutor or Mentor students in.

You create Your TAOND Tutoring Profile that lists all your skill sets and what areas of the nail industry you feel you can bring benefit to our TAOND students.

You can choose if you prefer to Tutor online or in person - it's up to you! 

We provide your Independent Tutoring profile to our students and if they feel you are a good match for them, they will contact you directly and you can begin working together.
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While we appreciate all applications, we will only be contacting those we meet our stringent criteria for the second application step.