In China Students are eligible to take our TAOND Derma Care Nail Specialist program and earn their professional D.C.N.S. designation.

The Academy of Nail Design is proud to present it's Derma Care Nail Specialist Program which is the only program in the world  that will earn you the
Professional Designation "D.C.N.S." 

This AMAZING Program focuses on creating Incredible Advanced Natural Nail Care for both the Hands and Feet. The Program that takes the 'Manicure' & 'Pedicure' to a Whole New Level!

Go beyond a Certificate or Diploma and gain new Professional Respect and higher earning power with your new title and D.C.N.S. designation!

Our D.C.N.S. Program is open to students in Canada, U.S.A., Australia, China and New Zealand.

BTW - We just released our Fabulous Brand New TAOND NAIL ARTISTRY CERTIFICATE Program!
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If you're 'killing it' with Nail Art and want to now Earn our Certificate in Nail Artistry - this is the Program for you!  CLICK HERE for all the details!

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For More TAOND Programs for students in China See below

- TAOND "JUST FOR FUN" Super Pack Program

- The TAOND MASTERS Certificate Program

- MINI TAOND Certificate Programs for Natural Nail Care, Acrylic or UV Gel


Need Assistance in choosing the Perfect Program For you?  We'd be more than Happy to Help!

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