If you live outside of North America (Canada or the United States) there are very few areas of the world that require nail professionals to be licensed, and therefore online training, especially the TAOND Full Professional Certificate should be widely accepted - however we would strongly recommend that you contact your local regulatory board to confirm whether or not they may accept an Internationaly Accredited Online Certificate Nail Program in order to comply with any local regualtions prior to purchasing your Certificate program.

NAILS MAGAZINE ARTICLE - Licensing Around The World

If after you contact your board you have any further questions please CONTACT US

And, don't forget if your area doesn't yet accept Online Nail Training program certifications we still have some great programs and products for you!

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For More TAOND Program Options See Below fullsuper pack

- TAOND "JUST FOR FUN" Super Pack Program

- The TAOND MASTERS Certificate Program

- TAOND DCNS (Derma Care Nail Specialist)

- MINI TAOND Certificate Programs

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